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Premier League chief defends clubs’ ‘restraint’ in their furloughing of staff | Football

The chief executive of the Premier League, Richard Masters, has defended the furloughing of staff, claiming clubs have been acting with “restraint” as he warned of a “very real threat” of some top-flight sides going bust because of the coronavirus crisis. In a striking letter to the select committee of …

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Prioritizing Transplants When Other Surgeries Are on Hold

2020 Lifetime Achievement: Bill and Melinda Gates

What your doctor is reading on APRIL 06, 2020 — Currently, living donors are urged to go ahead with the preliminary steps in the process remotely, but in-person appointments and transplants are largely on hold. Deceased-donor transplantations — deemed essential surgeries — are moving forward, but surgeons …

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The Fiver | They would do anything (furlough) but they won’t do that | Football


KEEPING 220 YARDS APART There was celebration today after Liverpool decided to furlough the idea of furloughing their employees, giving in to an outcry from fans, former players and over-opinionated media types with too many column inches to fill now there’s no sport on. There has been no word yet …

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