Caviar Intros Its Luxury Galaxy Z Flip Offerings Prior To Samsung

Samsung still did not officially announce the Galaxy Z Flip, but that did not prevent Caviar to announce its luxury takes on the company’s upcoming foldable smartphone.

Caviar announced three different luxury Galaxy Z Flip variants

Caviar is a Russian company that releases luxury, limited edition takes on existing smartphones. This time around, the company decided to take on the Galaxy Z Flip, and it announced three different variants of the phone.

Before we get into it, do note that price tags are listed, but the phones are not yet available for purchase. You can pre-order them, though, if you want.

The most affordable handset is priced at $5,210

The most affordable variant is dedicated to Joker and Harley Quinn. That variant of the phone has both Joker and Harley Quinn imprinted on the phone, and it is priced at $5,210.

On the upper portion of the phone’s back, you’ll notice the Joker, while Harley Quinn is placed on the bottom. The back side of this phone is gold-placed, for the most part, which is kind of logical as the company is using 999 gold for this particular design.

Jewelry varnish has also been used, while the company is using Double Electroplated technology in order to make this happen. Caviar says that only 54 pieces of this particular model will be available.

Pre-order the Galaxy Z Flip Joker & Harley Quinn from Caviar

This variant combines carbon and titanium

The middle-of-the-road variant in terms of price is the ‘Carbon Titanium’ model of the device. This handset is all-black, and it looks quite sleek, that’s hard to deny.

The company used both carbon and black titanium in order to make this design happen. The price tag for this model is $5,690, and you can pre-order it via the link down below.

Pre-order the Galaxy Z Flip Carbon Titanium from Caviar

The most expensive variant of the Galaxy Z Flip that Caviar has to offer is the ‘Gold’ option. The vast majority of this phone’s back is covered by 999 gold, and it definitely looks unique because of it.

This handset is priced at $6,000, and it is also available for pre-order. You can get it via the link provided down below.

Pre-order the Galaxy Z Flip Gold from Caviar

As you can see, these price tags are a bit out there. These are limited edition, luxury smartphones, and are not exactly made for mere mortals, to put it that way.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will become official on February 11, and will go on sale soon after that. Caviar will probably make its luxury takes on the device available soon after that as well. If you pre-order any of these phones, you’ll be notified by Caviar when will they ship your way.

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