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1) If Alassane Pléa meant this goal for Gladbach against Mainz he’s a creative genius. Paul Scholes has scored a similar-looking goal, mind, not that he meant it. Pléa’s ingenuity reminded us a bit of Thierry Henry’s no-look pass against Middlesbrough. And while we’re on the subject of Henry, he’s still got it, you know.

2) In the Sydney Sevens, Spain’s Francisco Hernández abandons treatment on the touchline for a nasty cut to make a try-stopping tackle … in the 13th-place play-off. There was a less noble return to the field for another Spaniard in La Liga 2. Fuenlabrada’s Cristóbal Márquez was given a straight red against Girona, only for VAR to downgrade it to a booking. He returned from the dressing room, but not for long.

3) In the NHL, the “Battle of Alberta” between the Edmonton Oilers and Calgary Flames descends into a brawl for the ages, ending in some goalie-on-goalie action. And here’s a far more wholesome Canadian hockey moment.

4) Andy Robertson tried to repopularise the backpass at the weekend when he got away with one against Southampton, which is just the kind of tenuous link we need for a package celebrating the oft-forgotten time-wasting technique. Here’s a magnificent montage of filth from Denmark’s Euro 92 win. Here’s Graeme Souness pinging that beauty back to Chris Woods from deep inside opposition half when he was at Rangers and half-volleyed backpasses don’t get much sweeter then this. Oh, and let’s not forget Lee Dixon.

5) In the darts, there was a wild finish to the PDC Masters final. Oh Bully Boy!

PDC Darts


On the back of his World Championship win, Peter Wright survives three match darts to take the deciding leg and win the 2020 Ladbrokes Masters!

February 2, 2020

6) “It’s Super Bowl Sunday, I want to get out of here!” – one local announcer is less than impressed as the Chicago Bulls, down 25 points at Toronto, call a late timeout.

1) Tokushoryu’s brilliant, unexpected and emotional win in Grand Sumo.

2) The worst plays in Super Bowl history.

3) Tommy Lasorda has had enough of the Philly Phanatic mascot.

4) The wild world of ladder racing.

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