10 Disney Hero/Villain Crossovers That We’d Love To See

We all have our favorite Disney movies. We love the characters, their plights, or the villains themselves. In most cases, we love everything about a Disney movie, especially the classics like Aladdin and 101 Dalmatians. Disney movies are special because they’re sentimental, a core ingredient that made our childhoods. All that said and done, can you imagine a mash-up of your favorite Disney heroes and villains? Switching out villains or heroes from one film to another? How about Jasmine versus Shere Khan? Ariel versus Jafar?

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It’d make for an entirely different turnout, but it’d be interesting to see the heroes matched with different villains to test their skills and abilities, albeit in a different manner than they were originally. That said, here are 10 Disney hero/villain crossovers that we’d love to see.

10 Tinkerbell Vs. Kaa

Disney Peter Pan Tinkerbell Fairy

Tinkerbell is mischievous and clever. Kaa the snake isn’t hard to outsmart. She wouldn’t fall for his hypnotizing gimmick, and she’d serve him a lesson in messing with fairies. She’s tiny and fast, and Kaa would be no physical match to catch her. It’d be hilarious to see him try, though, while Tinkerbell laughed nearby.

These two are both supporting characters in their respective films, so to see a short of these two having it out with one another would be a fun addition to the Disney collection.

9 Cruella De Vil Vs. Stitch

Cruella’s after dog-skin coats in 101 Dalmatians and loses. No doubt she’d move on to other opportunities afterward. Stitch is a “dog” in Hawaii, so if Cruella somehow crossed paths with him, she’d get more than she bargained for.

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The hilarious aspect of that potential encounter would be that Cruella might possibly be terrifed of dogs for life should Stitch allow her to see what he really is, and Lilo would be encuoraging him the whole time. Cruella would have to enter another industry after that kind of shock.

8 Olaf Vs. Sid

Olaf would eternally and irrevocably scar Sid for life. Sid’s already terrified of toys after being taught a lesson by Woody and Buzz. Olaf would no doubt ruin everything about winter and snow for Sid as well. Sid’s not into cute and cuddly, which is exactly what Olaf is.

If Sid is also witness to Olaf’s innate ability to reassemble himself, it would be priceless to see his reaction. Nevertheless, Olaf would be a purely innocent party, scaring Sid without actually meaning to.

7 Syndrome Vs. Belle

Syndrome isn’t too different from Gaston. He’s got a giant ego, is out for vengeance and wants things that he can’t have. Belle sees right through Gaston, so she’d be able to see through this fake superhero. It would drive Syndrome crazy, his failure to impress or intimidate Belle, and she’d come out the victor in any battle.

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Belle is intellectual and complicated, something that Syndrome would never understand as he can’t see past his own mirror. After all, he didn’t know the rule about “no capes.”

6 Jasmine Vs. Shere Khan

Shere Khan in Disney's animated adaptation of The Jungle Book

In Aladdin, Jasmine has a good friend in Rajah, her pet tiger. Rajah is protective of her and supports her, and is always her constant companion. What would Jasmine do if faced with an entirely different kind of tiger? Shere Khan is the epitome of a typical tiger, looking out for himself and always after his next meal.

Mowgli was to be his greatest meal yet, so he’d likely see Jasmine as the main course. What would she do to outwit him? Or would she change his mind and get him to be a vegetarian? It’d be an interesting turnout.

5 Medusa Vs. Elsa

Medusa likes to use others for her own gain. In The Rescuers, she uses young orphan Penny to get a treasure that Medusa can’t get to herself. She’s willing to risk life and death to do it, too. She could easily use Elsa and her powers for some kind of personal gain, and hold something over Elsa’s head to get her to agree.

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It’s foreseeable that Elsa would teach Medusa some kind of lesson because, in Disney movies, the bad guys always lose and the good guys walk away with some kind of heartfelt message.

4 Merida Vs. Shan Yu

Merida is talented in archery, horseback riding, and sword-fighting. All the makings of a good warrior, with the spirit to match. She’d no doubt have the bravery and strength to pursue Shan Yu, leader of the Hun Army, from Mulan.

 Merida has an edge over Mulan, given that she’s had more battle training than Mulan had in her life prior to taking her father’s place in the military. We’d love to see Shan Yu quiver in his boots at the sight of the fiery-haired Merida and to watch the ensuing fight between them.

3 Flynn Rider Vs. Yzma

Yzma in Disney's The Emperor's New Groove

Can you imagine the witty comebacks Flynn would have for Yzma? He’d no doubt insert some comments about her looks and her psychotic tendencies to match. Flynn’s a thief turned hero. He’s good at what he does and he’d infuriate Yzma. If ever Flynn had to snatch one of Yzma’s potions, he could do it right under her nose.

It would be interesting to see the villainess Yzma go up against a former thief turned good guy, considering the dynamic they’d have. Not to mention how hilarious a fight between these two would be.

2 Ariel Vs. Jafar

Ariel once went up against an evil sea witch and won. Jafar has powers of his own, so who’s to say she couldn’t outwit him, too? She had some help from Eric when it came to defeating Ursula, but she could find aid in Aladdin, Jasmine, or even Rajah. Even better, it’d be an interesting battle to see what Ariel could do herself against Jafar.

Ariel’s kind and sympathetic nature could be used to her advantage to trick him into underestimating her. There’s potential in this battle that we’d love to see unfold.

1 Simba Vs. McLeach

McLeach is a poacher in Australia. He’s been doing it a long time without getting caught. In The Rescuers Down Under, he’s defeated and goes over a waterfall. Should he go against Simba, he’d get a scare of another kind. Simba went up against Scar, so there’s nothing he can’t do after that. Simba would ensure that McLeach never poached again by giving the cold and hardened hunter a good scare.

It’d have to be something massive, so Simba would likely call upon Timon and Pumbaa, as well as various animals of the kingdom, to rally against McLeach in one big fight that McLeach could never win, and would run away from, screaming in terror as he went.

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