The Omega Door & Ending Explained

Warning! Major spoilers for Locke & Key Below

Netflix’s Locke & Key season one finale doesn’t so much answer questions as it does open doors. This season, which is new to Netflix this year, introduced audiences to the Locke family — Tyler, Kinsey, Bode and their mom Nina — and the magical keys hidden all over their late father’s ancestral home. The keys can do some pretty incredible things, which is why the demon Dodge will stop at nothing until she collects all the keys.

In a previous episode, it was revealed that Ellie previously became the keeper of the Identity Key. Lucas eventually stole that key from her. The final scene of “Crown of Shadows” reveals that Lucas used that key to take on the form of Gabe, the boy Kinsey has just chosen to pursue a relationship with. Flashbacks from their moments together show Gabe (AKA Lucas) cozying up to Kinsey and trying to get on her good side. But now, it’s obvious that Gabe had nefarious intentions from the start.

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Locke & Key’s season one finale leaves a lot of loose ends for the audience to ponder until a potential second season (and fans have already been waiting for season one of Locke & Key for a while). Here’s a breakdown of what happened and what it could mean for future seasons.

Why Lucas Chose Gabe’s Form

Locke and Key Kinsey and Bode

“Crown of Shadows” clearly sets up Gabe and Eden to be the big bads in season two of Locke & Key. As it’s Lucas wearing a Gabe suit, he will be able to easily continue to build Kinsey’s trust to attain the Omega Key. Lucas/Dodge had been trying to collect keys throughout the span of the first season specifically to get the Omega Key, as it opens the mysterious Black Door, which appears to be a gateway to another world. But the keys of Key House cannot be taken from the keeper of the key, it has to be given. So, trust is implicit here. And who better for Kinsey to trust than her boyfriend? The final episodes of season one of Locke & Key see Eden and Kinsey slowly making amends. But as Eden was shot by an element that shot out of the door, she is now possessed by a demon, just as Lucas was. And if the last shot of the episode is any indication, Lucas/Gabe has already convinced Eden to join him.

What Happens On the Other Side of The Omega Door

Given that Locke & Key co-show runner Meredith Averill executive produced The Haunting of Hill House, it’s safe to say that the Omega Key is like the Red Room in Hill House. Both hold immense and mysterious power tied to each house. In Locke & Key, the Omega Key opens the Black Door. The audience is given a glimpse into the eerie void on the other side of this door. Ellie tells the Locke kids that a hellish element shoots out from the other side, and it’s capable of possessing anyone hit by it.

But what happens when someone is actually shoved through that door? Due to a case of mistaken identities, Ellie is thrown through the door. Her fate is never implicitly shown, which only continues to double down on the mystery of what’s behind the Black Door. It’s safe to say that the Omega Key, the Black Door, and maybe some things on the other side will propel Locke & Key into season two.

What Other Keys Are Hidden in the House

Locke and Key TV Show Manor

There’s no way the keys revealed in season one of Locke & Key are all that exists. Ellie perhaps hinted at this to the Locke kids when she recounted how she and the keepers of the keys covered up their friends’ deaths. Mark hid a number of keys in the house and eventually killed himself so no one could get inside his head to find their locations. It’s safe to assume that Lucas learned about at least some of these keys’ powers before he died. With the help of his disguise as Gabe, he’s likely to have some tricks hidden up his sleeve to use some of these other keys to get the Omega key, or maybe one that is more powerful.

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