TLC: 10 Behind-The-Scenes Details About Unexpected

Move over MTV’s Teen Moms and welcome TLC’s Unexpected. For those who can’t get enough of teen baby drama, TLC has you covered. Unexpected follows three girls, whose lives have been changed forever by becoming unexpectedly pregnant. Unlike, other teen pregnancy shows, Unexpected takes an in-depth view of the family’s this parents-to-be come from.

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Thus, providing in-depth behind-the-scenes coverage within each episode. Fans are never disappointed with the rawness of the series, as each couple has to learn how to handle the struggles of being new parents, along with complex realities of having two separate family’s involvement in the child’s life. So let us count down the top 10 behind-the-scenes details of Unexpected.

10 Unexpected: All Three Girls Are Daughters Of Teen Moms

The untold truth about all three girls featured on Unexpected is that all three are the daughters of teen moms themselves. On many things in this world mother’s do not want their children to make the same choices as they did. Especially choices that will affect them for the rest of their lives.

However, in the case of the Unexpected grandmother’s their daughters have taken the same path. A vicious cycle where both mother and daughter can share stories of hardships and trials, detailing the lives of teen moms who try to stay afloat in this ever-changing world.

9 Unexpected: Mckayla Adkin’s Grandfather Was Diagnosed With Cirrhosis

Mckayla Adkin’s grandparents, Tim and Cindy are probably the most well-known of the Unexpected grandparents and one of the more respected. They raised their granddaughter since she was four after her mother’s drug issues became too prominent for her to raise her daughter.

After a lawnmower accident that left Tim’s legs severely burned, he was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. The cirrhosis was brought about from years of heavy drinking but, after his doctor warned him that his drinking could bring about just this diagnosis, he stopped drinking. Sadly, it was too late.

8 Unexpected: Lexus’ Mom Threatened To Take Custody Of Her Child

It isn’t surprising that the parents of these teen moms would bump heads with the teen couples over how to raise their children. After all, many of them are just children themselves.

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That said, Lexus’ mom, who was concerned about the financial well being of her granddaughter Scarlett, has made numerous threats to seek guardianship over the child since she feels that her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend are not providing a stable, financial environment for the child. As expected, this didn’t sit well with Lexus and Shayden, who might soon have a custody battle on their hands.

7 Unexpected: Mckayla Doesn’t Allow Babies’ Father To See Children

While sad, it isn’t necessarily surprising for fans of the show to hear that Mckayla doesn’t allow Caelan Morrison to see his children. As the show progressed, Mckayla began to become disillusioned with their living arrangements and with her relationship in general with Caelan.

After breaking up, Caelan and his mother accused Mckayla of refusing to allow them to see the children. While Mckayla has gone on record saying Caelan is abusive to their children. Sadly, with all the mudslinging it is hard to get a good reading of who is telling the truth.

6 Unexpected: Matthew Blevins And Haily Tilford Are Expecting

Two of the more notorious figures on Unexpected are Matthew Blevins and Haily Tilford. Matthew is the father of Haily Tomlinson’s baby but after the baby was born, he bolted for one of her former friend’s Haily Tilford. Shortly after the cameras stopped rolling it was announced that they too were expecting.

As you can expect this didn’t go over well with Haily, who is still reeling from her failed relationship with Matthew. As of the last update, all involved were trying to move past former betrayals in an attempt to raise their children with all parties involved.

5 Unexpected: Mckayla Was Pregnant Same Time As Her Mom

As fans of the show are aware, Mckayla’s relationship with her mom hasn’t always been amicable. When Mckayla was four, custody of her was awarded to her grandparents, since her mother Shannon, at the time, had a severe drug addiction.

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However, after Mckayla became pregnant with her first child with Caelan, she learned that her mother was pregnant with her second. Shannon now a former addict, has been trying to make amends for her past wrongs and as both were pregnant at the same time, they bonded over the experience, becoming closer than they had been in the past.

4 Unexpected: Lexus Sought Birth Control Too Late

Probably the saddest part, when it comes to the mother’s on Unexpected, is the fact that none had taken the necessary precautions to keep from getting pregnant. Case and point, after becoming sexually active, Lexus sought birth control only after she was twelve days late for her period.

Her attempt to change course was done in vain, as she claims she had been worried about becoming pregnant but hadn’t taken the needed steps to prevent it from occurring. Supposedly, when she found out that she was going to be a mother, she wept uncontrollably and was inconsolable for days.

3 Unexpected: Mckayla Is Fighting Depression and Anxiety

With all the drama the couples face on Unexpected, it is no wonder that some of the cast has to seek help for all the emotional stress they have to endure. In a video to her fans, Mckayla explained that she is suffering from PTSD from her anxiety and depression issues. Unfortunately, the medicine to combat these issues has, in fact, made them worse, causing her to have to quit taking the medications.

In the same video, she admitted that she had been struggling to try to juggle college, being a mother, along with her unexpected fame.

2 Unexpected: Lily Dropped Out Of School

Life as a teen mom is the furthest thing from easy. With their life now revolving around a newborn, adapting can be difficult for someone so young as Lily. Teens are supposed to be negligent and to a certain point have a wild streak.

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Even before the birth of her child, Lily was feeling the pressures of school life. Feeling as though she was being judged and ridiculed by former friends for being pregnant, she dropped out. The decision wasn’t an easy one for her but after enduring months of rejection, it was the only choice she had.

1 Unexpected: Emily Was Saving Herself For Marriage

Life has a way of making fools out of us all, but, Unexpected’s Emily says she was going to save herself for marriage. In the end, we all know how her situation turned out, but it does speak to the pressures teens face to be sexually active. Virgin has become a shameful word in high schools across America, directly resulting in situations just like Emily’s.

If teaching teens about abstinence in schools didn’t work, we can now say teaching them to be responsible when sexually active obviously doesn’t work either.

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