How To Complete The Latest Call Of Duty Mobile Challenge: MP Ranked Matches Challenge

Call of Duty Mobile is a service game and that means that there will be content that is in constant flux, and one of the latest pieces of content is a new challenge called the MP Ranked Matches Challenge.

This is one of the game’s limited time events that you will want to sink your teeth into. Not only because it gives you some extra play time, but mainly because it gives you rewards. This is also a weekly challenge so you only have so much time to complete it.

To acquire these rewards though you’ll need to complete various missions. And completing each mission requires you to finish a specific task. With the MP Ranked Matches Challenge, you’ll have to do a series of different tasks across, you guessed it, ranked matches.

The MP Ranked Matches challenge in Call of Duty Mobile starts February 14

The MP Ranked Matches Challenge went live today, February 14, so that means it’s open and ready for you to dive into it. The challenge will last until February 20 as well, which is the last day, so you’ll have nearly one week to finish it.

If you’re not familiar with this new Call of Duty challenge, it’s an event within the game that requires players to complete various tasks in attempts to earn points. There are only three different tasks that you will need to finish, and each one gives you a reward.

Compared to other challenges in the past, this is one is fairly simple and doesn’t take a whole lot of effort. There are no points to earn here, or items to acquire. All you need is to complete each task and the reward is given for that task at the end of it.

Launch the game and find the Event page

For starters, you’ll need to launch the game and find the event page. The featured event should pop up on screen before the main home screen loads.

That being said, it only briefly talks about the event, but not the actual missions or tasks. To find the event page, look to the left hand side of the home screen and find the carousel banner above the Store button.

Tap on any event panel that’s in view, and then scroll to find this event in view, which will be the MP Ranked Matches Challenge. Or, scroll through the carousel banner to find the MP Ranked Matches Challenge and tap directly on it.

If you simply tap on any event panel, the MP Ranked Matches challenge will be at the top, just below the Daily Log-In Rewards tab.

Once there, you’ll see the list of tasks that you need to complete for each mission. This begins with playing one multiplayer ranked match. All you have to do is play it. You don’t need to win. Though, winning is definitely the better outcome as it’ll help raise your rank more. Which leads to better ranked rewards as you level up.

After the first match, you’ll then need to play three multiplayer ranked matches. And then eventually you’ll need to play five multiplayer ranked matches. Keep in mind that progress for the first two tasks will count towards the last one.

So, once you complete three multiplayer ranked matches, you will only need to complete two more and then you’re finished with all of it.

As for the rewards, you’ll get two blue crates, and a green sniper. The crates are of course at one and three matches, while the weapon is at five. Since this is a short challenge you should have no trouble finishing it in time unless you simply don’t login.

There are multiple ways to launch each mission

Activision makes it pretty easy to complete the missions for challenges and earn rewards.

You can simply launch the mode related to the challenge from the correct menu. I.E. multiplayer, battle royale, ranked, or zombies. Launching from the respective menu will let you earn progress towards any open events and challenges.

However, you can also launch each mission from the Event page at the corresponding event tab. Once you find the event challenge you’re working on, there are “Go” buttons listed next to each mission task. Pushing this will take you right to the launch screen for that specific match type. All you have to do is hit the start button.

Not to mention, this gives you a tally of any mission tasks you’ve completed, and shows you what you still have left to do.

Once you finish this challenge you’ll be able to use your new rewards. Which in this case is a couple of crates and a new sniper.

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