5 Foods That Are Easy On Stomach If You Are Suffering From Digestive Issues

These foods may promote healthy digestion.


  • People dealing with digestive issues should follow a healthy diet.
  • There are some foods that are easy to digest.
  • Here are some foods that you should include in your diet.

Everyone should follow a healthy diet for healthy living. A typical diet with all the generally-recommended foods may not work for people with troublesome digestion. Modern sedentary lifestyle, improper eating habits and lack of physical exercise have given rise to digestion-related issues like Irritable bowel movement (IBM) in many people. Common symptoms include acid reflux, constipation, bloating, nausea, pain in the abdomen, inflammation and diarrhoea. People suffering from such issues perpetually are advised to have only healthy foods. However, not all foods may be easy for them to digest.

We all need essential macronutrients like fibre, protein, vitamins and fats. But, some of these nutrients like fibre and fats are not easily digestible. If you have been dealing with digestive problems for a long time, you would have experienced uneasiness after eating certain foods that hinder digestion. So, it makes sense to know and keep a record of foods that are easy to digest and good for you to include in your regular diet.

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Some of these nutrients like fibre and fats are not easily digestible.

Foods That Are Easy To Digest:

1. Bananas

The high fluid content in bananas makes it a good food for people suffering from diarrhoea or constipation. The soft, pulpy fruit is easy to digest, and its high nutrient profile brings healthfulness to your diet.

2. Eggs

Eggs are a popular breakfast food as they contain a good amount of proteins. The food also abounds with calcium and other nutrients. Other than that, eggs also don’t weigh you down as they go easy on stomach after being consumed. Egg yolks contain high amount of fats, so it would be a good idea to consume only egg whites. Also, you should avoid adding difficult-to-digest cheese or butter while cooking eggs.

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Egg whites cooked in less fat make for a digestion-friendly food. 

3. Chicken

Chicken is a well-known source of lean proteins, and it contains no carbohydrates or fibre. It is a good option for people dealing with irritable bowel movement, as chicken breaks down easily and gets digested quickly. Remember to grill it, bake it or saute it in little oil to keep it light.

4. Dairy Products

All kinds of dairy products have low fibre content and are digestion-friendly. Try to include low fat versions of milk, curd, or healthier cheese options like cottage cheese and feta cheese in your diet.

5. Refined Flours And Grains

This will come as a surprise to all of you. We have always been told to avoid refined food. But, the truth is that refined flours and grains are better for people with poor digestion. Refined flours and grains are processed, and bran and germ content is removed in the process – making these foods easier to digest. So, white rice and white bread would be better than their counterparts in your particular situation.

Improve your digestion gradually and go easy on your stomach with these easy-to-digest foods.

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