Dead By Daylight Is Coming To Mobile In The US This Spring

The developers of Dead by Daylight have just announced that it will be releasing a mobile version of the game in the US.

The is a survival horror game and is scheduled for a launch sometime this Spring. However an exact date has not yet been revealed. When the game launches in the US, it will also be releasing in the EMEA.

It’ll will be available on both Android and iOS devices, and pre-registration is already live for the game as of today for users in the supported regions where the game will be released.

If you want first crack at checking the game out, pre-registration is something to consider as you’ll be notified the moment the game is live. Of course it also comes with rewards if pre-registration goals are met.

Dead by Daylight Mobile will have three tiers of pre-registration rewards

Dead by Daylight Pre Registration Rewards

If you plan to play this game and are considering pre-registration, you’ll be handsomely rewarded. Literally. So long as each tier goal is met. Which means as long as enough players pre-register.

Each milestone has a different number of required pre-registration goals. The first is 500,000 players. And if this goal is met everyone who pre-registers will get a weekend t-shirt, a hooded training top, a two-tone coat, the Scarecrow, and 2,000 iridescent shards.

The next milestone is 750,000 players. If this goal is met then everyone who pre-registered will get all of the previous stuff. Plus they’ll get the watermelon pants, sports leggings, red flash boots, marked spike maul, and 3,000 iridescent shards.

The last milestone is 1,000,000 players and everyone who pre-registers will get all of the previous stuff plus an additional 5,000 iridescent shards, the preppy flatcap, the jogging headband, the colorful headscarf, and Bill Overbeck.

The game will be fully optimized and offer the same gameplay and modes

Perhaps most importantly with Dead by Daylight Mobile is that it will offer more or less the same exact experience as on other platforms.

According to the developers it has been completely optimized for mobile devices. On top of that the same gameplay and modes that players are familiar with will be there. So while the controls will be a bit different, everything else should be pretty standard. Especially if you’ve played this game before elsewhere.

Both the survivors and the killers will have their own “deep progression system” to work through. This bodes well for players since this is a multiplayer game. It’ll allow for varied matches and give players some pretty decent (hopefully) replay value.

If you’re interested in pre-registering on Android, you can do so from the Google Play button below.

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