Enterprise resilience: iOS, Mac tools for remote collaboration

The cancellation of Mobile World Congress, the Geneva Motor Show and big-name withdrawals from other key industry events in response to the Coronavirus means every enterprise should put remote working and collaboration systems in place.

This is not a drill

I’m no expert, but the disease, appears to be characterized by high infection rates and a mortality rate ten times higher than standard flu. International response is not unified, some seem in denial, and the facts are becoming confused within the clamor.

While the World Health Organization hasn’t yet called for large scale events to be cancelled, it has issued detailed advice for those planning such events.

Among other things, this advice points out that as a result of exposure at short events attendees will likely fall sick on their return to where they come from, infecting many more as they travel.

Common sense suggests that avoiding international events and minimizing business pressure to travel may help limit the spread of the problem.

This is what has caused some big events and major participants at such events to cancel. The attempt at present is to slow infection rates in an attempt to increase knowledge of the virus. I have come across some hope that the illness will simply time out, as such infections sometimes do, but if wishes were stars the night would be brighter than the day.

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