Google Fi Using T-Mobile 5G Network, Tested On Galaxy S20 Ultra

The new Galaxy S20 Ultra is made for 5G. A new test conducted on the new Samsung flagship shows that the phone has Google Fi T-Mobile 5G support.

Android Central‘s Andrew Martonik has been testing the Galaxy S20 Ultra on Google’s Fi network. Martonik noticed yesterday that Fi upload speeds come in at around 42-43 Mbps. Download speeds range from 135-139 Mbps. The new 5G option is available in Fi’s mobile network settings.

Martonik’s 5G speeds on the Galaxy S20 Ultra are close to what some are seeing in other 5G phones such as the OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren. A recent speed test on the McLaren Edition shows it having upload speeds of 44.45 Mbps and download speeds of 104.71 Mbps. These speeds are mixed when compared to the Fi speeds on the Galaxy S20 Ultra, but the Ultra is a newer phone. The MacLaren Edition OnePlus 7T Pro is four months old, having been announced back in October 2019.

Fi, for those who may not know, is a mobile virtual network operation (MVNO). A mobile virtual network operator utilizes the networks of major carriers instead of creating its own. Google Fi, then, isn’t an independent carrier in the sense that it has a separate network from T-Mobile and Sprint; rather, Fi uses T-Mobile, Sprint, and US Cellular networks while keeping prices affordable for its customers.

Google Fi data shows T-Mobile’s MVNO commitment

Sprint said last year that its 5G network would be accessible to Fi customers when 5G went live. With the T-Mobile acquisition, the Magenta carrier says that it will continue to support Sprint MVNOs. Fi is a Sprint MVNO, running Sprint alongside T-Mobile and US Cellular. To see Google Fi access 5G speeds when other major carriers such as AT&T have customers who aren’t yet able to fully access 5G is remarkable indeed. It gives customers good reason to join Fi over parent carriers such as AT&T, for example.

T-Mobile’s promise to support Sprint MVNOs post-acquisition is one of the promises Magenta made to the FCC and DoJ. To see the promise materialize is a feat that gives both the FCC and DoJ trust in T-Mobile’s commitment to deliver on its other acquisition promises as well.

Google Fi grows in popularity

Google’s new 5G data speeds are just one of the new privileges Fi customers are experiencing. Back in September, Google brought a $70 unlimited data plan to Fi customers. The unlimited data plan arrived just in time for Google’s launch of the Pixel 4 with its Dual-SIM Dual Standby (DSDS) capabilities. Now with proven 5G speeds, Google’s unlimited data plan is even more appealing than before. As of December, the search engine giant gave away free Nest Mini smart speakers to loyal Google Fi customers.

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