Prince Harry Is ‘Out of Control’ and Creating a ‘Nightmare’ for Prince William and Kate Middleton Claims Royal Source

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s announcement in early January that they intended to step down as senior members of the royal family has caused plenty of problems for Queen Elizabeth. But, how are Prince William and Kate Middleton handling the unprecedented change? Of course, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will never speak publicly about how the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s bombshell decision has affected them. But a new report claims that the “out of control” Prince Harry has caused a “nightmare” for William and Kate.

Prince Harry
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Prince Harry is causing serious problems for royal staff

It was revealed earlier this month that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s office at Kensington Palace had been closed and their staff was fired. This means the Duke and Duchess of Sussex no longer have anyone working for them who is familiar with royal protocol.

Last week, it was announced that Middleton and Prince William would be visiting Ireland at the same time that Prince Harry and Markle are scheduled to return to the UK together. And, an insider told Express that this would have never happened if Harry wouldn’t have caused so many problems.

“This sort of diary error would simply not
have happened in the days before Harry decided to bale out of royal life,”
explained the source. “That’s why members of the royal family have private
secretaries – and a grid system, similar to the Government’s method – to ensure
that coverage of important events doesn’t clash.”

The insider went on to say that it’s been a
“nightmare” for the staff because there is no longer any control over Prince
Harry. Now, he doesn’t have anyone working for him who has “proper experience
of the methods and protocol of the court system.”

The source says that the Sussexes are now relying on “some flash PR person” who is used to working in the American entertainment world. The insider described Prince Harry’s new employee as “more Hollywood than Windsor,” and accused them of not respecting the views of the rest of the royal family.

Harry and Meghan’s return to the UK will overshadow William and Kate

After Queen Elizabeth ruled that Prince Harry
and Markle could no longer use “Sussex Royal” as their worldwide brand name for
their post-royal business and charitable efforts, tensions among the royal
family were apparently heightened.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex agreed to not use the word “royal” after their official exit from the family on March 31. But, when they made a comment on their website that Queen Elizabeth didn’t have any jurisdiction over the word outside of the UK, they were accused of “humiliating’ the Monarch.

To make matters worse, Prince Harry’s new life
is causing problems for his brother and sister-in-law. The Duke and Duchess of
Cambridge’s final day in Ireland will now be overshadowed by Prince Harry and
Markle’s return to the UK after their move to Canada with their son, Archie
Harrison. These will be the final royal engagements for the Duke and Duchess of

“While William fully respects Harry’s
right to come back whenever he wants – indeed he is glad that he is returning,
however briefly – he wishes that it wasn’t at the same time as his Irish trip
because he knows what will happen is that the spotlight as far as papers and TV
are concerned will be fully on Harry and Meghan,” explained the source.

Prince William and Middleton are fully aware that Prince Harry and Markle’s brief return will be “the big story.” The insider made it clear that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge aren’t jealous of the Sussexes and the coverage they will receive. Prince William hoped that his tour of Ireland with Middleton would get its due “media prominence.”

Queen Elizabeth didn’t appreciate being ‘blindsided’

Prince Harry and Markle’s comment about the Queen not having jurisdiction over the word “royal” did not sit well with the British press. Former BBC royal correspondent Peter Hunt wrote in an editorial for The Spectator that Queen Elizabeth “doesn’t take kindly to being bounced or indeed being blindsided.”

Hunt explained that the Monarch does have
government regulations and royal rules on her side, and the Sussexes are going
to have to deal with the restriction in their “self-imposed exile.”

“Sussex Royal can be no more. A freshly
branded website will have to be re-branded,” wrote Hunt, making it clear that
the Queen’s ban of the world “royal” will “hurt” Harry and Meghan.

“Nothing is left of their half-baked plan to
change what it meant to be a senior member of the royal family. The status quo
has been sustained,” said Hunt.  “What’s
striking is that Harry, with his deep insider knowledge of how his family
functions, clearly thought they might succeed.”

Hunt said that Prince Harry convinced himself
that he could move to Canada and earn his money while remaining the
Captain-General of the Royal Marines. Unfortunately, says Hunt, a “harsh
Windsor reality has replaced that misguided optimism.”

However, Queen Elizabeth didn’t completely shut the door on the Sussexes, as she allowed a 12-month transition period where Harry can keep his honorary military titles. And, it’s possible that Prince Harry and Markle could change their minds between now and then.

“No one could have predicted these last few
months, not least those enmeshed in it,” said Hunt.

“So only the foolhardy would wish to say with any certainty that this is the last we’ll see of Prince Harry and Meghan as full-time royals.”

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