PUBG MOBILE ‘Project Ban Pan’ Brings In New Anti-Cheat Measures

PUBG MOBILE is expanding on its efforts to combat cheaters and is doing so with a new feature being introduced as part of its anti-cheat measures.

The entire anti-cheat initiative is called Project Ban Pan. An initiative that sets out to make the game a more fair place for all who choose to call PUBG MOBILE their game of choice. Everyone deserves a fair chance to succeed when playing games.

And cheaters disrespect not only the hard work that developers have put in to make a great game, but the nature of that game as well as those who are playing fairly. PUBG MOBILE’s latest anti-cheat feature should go a long way in helping to root out and ban more cheaters than before.

PUBG MOBILE players want new anti-cheat features: enter ‘Death Replay’

This is something that Call of Duty Mobile has been implementing since the game launched. And frankly something that many shooter games have had for over a decade.

PUBG MOBILE is finally following in these footsteps and is adding a the Death Replay functionality. It will allow players to see how they were killed as if they were looking through the eyes of their killer.

It’s one more step towards identifying cheaters and getting their accounts banned. Because it’ll be much easier for the developers to spot those using cheats and hacks with replay footage of the deaths.

That being said, not every single cheat-fueled kill will be caught by the eyes of devs. So, players are getting the ability to assist. With Death Replay if they spot they were killed using cheats or hacks, they can more easily report those using them. A win-win for everyone but cheaters.

Death Replay rolls out with the update on March 3

As of right now Death Replay isn’t something that’s in the game. It is however coming soon. How soon you might ask? Very soon.

Tencent and PUBG Corp. will be rolling out an update to PUBG MOBILE on March 3 that includes this functionality. So after players install it they’ll see how they’re killed every single time.

It’s a small feature update, but one that is definitely needed and will probably be appreciated by all players except those who it will impact negatively. Cheaters ruin the game for all other players. So it’s good to see steps being taken that will work towards curbing their activities.

Players also shouldn’t expect this to be the last function added as part of Project Ban Pan. No doubt more measures will be worked on and implemented later on so you can fight for that chicken dinner on a level playing field.

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