D2h Revises Tariffs Yet Again, Now Offering Three Network Capacity Fee Slabs

D2h, the Dish TV-owned DTH provider, has revised its network capacity fee (NCF) structure to provide subscribers with three distinct slabs, instead of the earlier four. The new change comes just a week after the DTH operator updated its previous NCF structure to make it in line with the one provided by its parent. The previous NCF structure by D2h had two slabs that were meant for subscribers opting for the first 200 SD channels and channels greater than the initial 200 count.

As per the revised NCF structure published on the D2h website, the DTH operator is offering the first 200 SD channels at a monthly charge of up to Rs. 130 (Rs. 153.40 including taxes), while the consumers will need to pay Rs. 150 (Rs. 177 including taxes) a month for 201 to 220 SD channels. The new structure also has a slab for the channel count greater than 220 channels that can be included by paying an NCF of Rs. 160 (Rs. 180.80 including taxes).

This is unlike the previous NCF update that had two slabs — Rs. 130 (excluding taxes) for the first 200 SD channels and Rs. 160 (excluding taxes) for a channel count over the initial 200 channels. The previous update that came into effect last week was identical to what has been offered by Dish TV.

However, before that previous change, D2h provided four NCF slabs under which it was charging a monthly fee of Rs. 130 for the initial range of 200 SD channels and Rs. 140 for the quota beyond 200 and up to 210 channels. The operator was also charging an NCF of Rs. 150 for consumers preferring anywhere between 211 and 220 channels and Rs. 150 for a channel count of more than 221 channels.

There aren’t any changes pertaining to multiple TV connections. This means that the D2h subscribers who have multiple TV connections will still need to pay a flat NCF of Rs. 50 (excluding taxes). Also, the operator is treating one HD channel as an equivalent to two SD channels for the purpose of calculating the number of channels within the distribution network capacity subscribed.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) amended its tariff guidelines in early January to bring an NCF ceiling of Rs. 130 for the first 200 SD channels. Airtel Digital TV, Dish TV, Tata Sky and other DTH providers in the country made necessary changes to follow the guidelines set by the regulator. NCF is notably over and above the channel/ pack charges subscribers need to pay on a monthly basis.

DreamDTH initially spotted the revised NCF by D2h. However, Gadgets 360 was able to independently verify the update on the operator’s official site.

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