Stadia Confirms First Exclusive Game, Coming From Splash Damage

Google has finally confirmed that Stadia is getting its first exclusive game. And, it’s coming from Splash Damage studios.

Splash Damage is responsible for a wide array of different projects over the years. Including the multiplayer content for Gears of War 4 and Gears 5. In fact much of Splash Damage’s work has been on shooter titles.

This might suggest that Google is getting an exclusive shooter with help from the development studio. Though there is still plenty of details about the upcoming game that hasn’t been confirmed or even announced.

The major takeaway, is that Stadia will finally have its first exclusive game on the way.

The first exclusive game for Stadia has no release date

Since the announcement about the partnership was just made this morning, there’s very little detail to be had.

One of those things not mentioned is the release date. Stadia users who are still eager and excited about the platform should temper their expectations because it could be a very long while before the game reaches market.

It’s probably even a long shot to expect the game to come out by the end of this year. Splash Damage says it will have more to share in the coming months. And that it’s excited to do so.

Which means it clearly has a lot to announce moving forward but none of that is ready at the moment. An underlying detail to keep in mind is that if this is the first exclusive game to reach the platform and it doesn’t come out this year, additional exclusives are a long way off.

Splash Damage has been working with Stadia for a little while now

While the studio didn’t mention much about the upcoming game, it did subtly note one key detail.

In its announcement, Splash Damage says that it’s thrilled to “finally” announce that its working on a title in partnership with Stadia. This suggests that the two teams have been working on this game for a little while now.

How long exactly is unknown and how much has been laid out and done in that time is just as unclear. This isn’t a brand-new partnership as of today though. Using the word finally in this regard is generally something you say when you’ve been doing something for a significant amount of time.

Splash Damage has expressed that it’s excited to finally be able to share this news with fans. And that could mean that the game is further along than some might expect.

Stadia users eager for an exclusive can only hope that more details are shared soon. Especially since this would be the first proper exclusive title that you can only play on Stadia.

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