Apple’s AR plans are becoming a little easier to see

Apple’s take on augmented reality will leverage its existing solutions to deliver personalized experiences, with a particular focus on health, location and entertainment.

Why do I think this?

Yesterday I broke the news that Apple is working with a company called Dent Reality on indoor mapping technologies.

The smaller company has been working with ARKit since the system made its debut. Now it uses Apple’s Indoor Maps ecosystem to provide highly accurate indoor mapping solutions it claims are highly accurate and don’t require beacons.

The focus of the demonstrations on the Dent Reality site are very much on navigating shopping centers and malls, but this can easily be extended.

The key is how the system works. On its website, Dent Reality explains:

“We’ve re-imagined how an indoor map should be designed, to match people’s perceptions of the indoor environment. It displays more info when you need it, and is engineered to work seamlessly side-by-side with the AR experience. Hold your phone down, we show the map. Hold your phone up, you’re in AR.”

In other words, you explore virtual experiences in two ways – on your phone, or using AR googles with information overlaid above what you see.

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