The Best iPad Mini Cases and Covers

Apple’s iPad design might be stylish, but it’s also more susceptible to breakage than other tablets. With the iPad Mini, you need a case that fits your model (whether 4 or 5) and offers protection against scrapes and bumps.

From maximum protection to wieldy features like stands and hand straps, our top choices for your iPad Mini will keep it pristine. Plus, there are options to suit every budget and aesthetic.

Decoded Leather Foldable Slim Sleeve

Tablets aren’t generally used as often as smartphones, so for many, a sleeve is enough to keep their iPad safe. This sleeve from Decoded isn’t cheap by any means, but if you don’t mind spending a little money on your protection, it’s hard to find something more luxurious than this. It’s made from premium full-grain leather that’s soft to the touch, but also durable and protective. The leather develops its own patina over time, making it unique, while a magnetic closure stops your iPad from falling out. It can fold into a stand and it has an integrated holder for the Apple Pencil, too. Stylish and protective, this is a great choice if you don’t mind spending the money. As a sleeve, this will be compatible with the iPad Mini 5 and 4.

Griffin Survivor Airstrap

A tablet is an exceptional machine for work and play, and the iPad Mini’s smaller size makes it perfect for working or playing on the go. But the larger frame doesn’t lend itself well to holding with a single hand — so Griffin’s Survivor Airstrap solves that issue. Slip your hand into the hand strap on the back of this case and you won’t need to worry about dropping your iPad again. It rotates in 30-degree intervals, so you can hold your iPad at a number of useful angles. The rugged impact-resistant shell is tough, with raised edges for the display and camera lenses, and precise openings for all ports and features. Griffin has also confirmed this case will work with both the 2019 iPad Mini 5 and the 2015 iPad Mini 4.

$35 from Griffin

Otterbox Symmetry Clear

Otterbox is well known for its bulky protective cases, but it also sells many more subtle options. The Symmetry case is one of the best clear iPad Mini cases you can get, using a tough polycarbonate back with a specialized rubber bumper to keep your iPad safe. It’s entirely clear, so you can show off your iPad while keeping it protected, and it’s also slim enough that won’t add much thickness to your tablet. There’s a loop to hold your Apple Pencil, and there’s even a removable spine, so you can snap on Apple’s Smart Cover for extra protection. It’s certainly not cheap, but Otterbox cases rarely are, and the protection is excellent.

$70 from Otterbox

Burkley Rover Back Cover with Handhold

Burkley’s Rover case is another all-in-one case that provides protection, sumptuous leather style, a hand strap, and an Apple Pencil holder. The outer edges of the case are made from protective polycarbonate, with a layer of soft full-grain leather over the top. A leather hand strap can be found on the back, and while it can’t be rotated like other hand straps, it will still boost your grip and make dropping your tablet that much harder. There’s a pocket for the Apple Pencil cut into the design around the front, and while it’s a little ugly, it gets the job done. Burkley doesn’t advertise whether this case also fits the iPad Mini 4, so buyer beware if you’re shopping for the older iPad Mini.

$79 from Amazon

Zagg Folio Case with Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard

This Zagg case has a clever design that combines a fabric cover with a kickstand and a Bluetooth keyboard. The keys are fairly well-spaced, and the keyboard’s battery is designed to last for a year between charges. There’s a full-width kickstand that enables you to prop the iPad Mini at the usual laptop angles. Your iPad Mini snaps into place inside with minimal corners and a ridge at the bottom holding it in place, which means you have unfettered access to the screen, ports, and controls. This is only advertised for the iPad Mini 5, but there’s also an iPad Mini 4 version available.

 $100 from Zagg

UAG Metropolis Folio Case

If you want something protective and practical for your iPad Mini, then look no further. UAG’s cases are tough ,with an outer armor shell and an inner core that absorbs shock, but they’re a lot lighter than they look. There’s a smart cover to protect the screen when it’s not in use and it folds back to act as a landscape stand. You’ll find precise cutouts for easy access to everything, and there’s an Apple Pencil holder. This is a great protective option. This one is just for the iPad Mini 5, but there’s an iPad Mini 4 model, too.

Gumdrop Hideaway with Kickstand

Cases don’t get much more rugged than this. Gumdrop’s design is chunky and bold, combining a hard polycarbonate frame with tough, easy to grip, malleable silicone. There are openings for the ports and camera. On the back, you’ll find a collapsible stand that can fold out and allows you to prop your iPad Mini in landscape for viewing or at an angle for typing. There’s no need to panic when you drop your tablet with this case on it. This particular case is for the iPad Mini 5, but there’s an iPad Mini 4 case too.

STM Dux Case

If you’re looking for a rugged solution, you’ll be pleased to learn that the Dux case exceeds military standards 810F/G for drop tests, which means it will survive a tumble from up to 6.6 feet (2 meters). It blends hard polycarbonate and malleable TPU with a water-resistant polyurethane cover that folds back to double up as a stand. Magnets in the cover help it act as a stand and automatically bring your iPad Mini to life when you open it. All the cutouts are precise and the back of the case is transparent. It’s bulky, but that’s inevitable with truly protective cases. This case will work with both the iPad Mini 5 and Mini 4.

Moshi VersaCover Case

This sleek case is practical and stylish. The polycarbonate shell fits the iPad Mini perfectly, and the microfiber cover features Moshi’s origami-inspired folding design, so you can prop your tablet at various angles in either portrait or landscape view. The cover has magnets built-in, so your tablet automatically goes to sleep when you close it and springs to life when you open it. This one is just for the iPad Mini 5, but there is an iPad Mini 4 version.

Logitech Focus Protective Case

Logitech FOCUS Protective Case with Integrated Keyboard for iPad Mini 4

This folio-style case opens to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard. It’s fairly light and slim without sacrificing the responsive feel and travel you’d expect from a decent keyboard. There’s a tough frame to hold the iPad Mini in place and magnets ensure that it doesn’t pop open when it shouldn’t. You’ll also find you can prop your tablet at multiple angles to suit different activities. The rechargeable battery should last around six months between charges. This one hasn’t been certified to fit the latest iPad Mini 5 though, so be careful buying this if you’re using the 2019 model.

Twelve South BookBook Case

It certainly isn’t cheap, but you have to acknowledge the cleverness of this case. It disguises your iPad Mini as a hardback book. The outside is genuine leather, and you’ll find soft microfiber on the inside. There’s also a frame to hold your Mini securely, an Apple Pencil holder, and a wedge so that you can angle it just the way you want. It also has dual zippers for easy access. That rigid spine, combined with the hardcover, provides decent protection, and the disguise helps you to avoid attracting any unwelcome attention. This case is only guaranteed to work with the iPad Mini 5, unfortunately.

Speck DuraFolio Case

Speck DuraFolio Case for iPad mini 4

You’ll find that this case has been tested and delivers drop protection to military standards. There’s a strong shell with cutouts for ports and button covers that can take the brunt of any impact. A very slim cover protects the screen and magnets within automatically wake your iPad Mini when you open it, as well as hold it securely closed. You can fold the cover to find a variety of landscape angles for viewing movies, or bend it the other way to get a comfortable typing position. The exterior is textured for added grip, and it comes in a choice of five colors. Sadly, this is only available for the iPad Mini 4.

Ballistic Tough Jacket Case

Ballistic Tough Jacket Case with Cover and Kickstand for Apple iPad Mini 4

If you’re after some solid drop protection, then the Tough Jacket is what you need. This case has heavily reinforced corners to provide drop protection from falls of up to 6 feet. There’s also a raised lip around the screen to safeguard it. A removable cover gives your 360-degree protection, and there’s also a handy foldout kickstand on the back. This is one of the best rugged cases you can get for the iPad Mini 4. Unfortunately, this one probably won’t work with the iPad Mini 5 due to the button covers.

Fintie Folio Case

These affordable folio cases are finished in durable polyurethane and have a soft microfiber lining inside. There are grooves to allow you to prop your iPad Mini in different positions. You’ll also find an Apple Pencil loop and a handy pocket on the back. The magnetic strip triggers the automatic sleep and wake functions and there are cutouts for easy access to everything. This case is very good value and it comes in a wide range of colors and patterned finishes. It works with both the iPad Mini 5 and iPad Mini 4.

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Case

Here’s another rugged iPad Mini case that will guard against drops and bumps. The frame completely envelopes your iPad Mini, using a combination of hard polycarbonate and absorbent TPU to guard against knocks, bumps, and drops — and there’s even a built-in screen protector. This combination makes this one of the toughest cases around, and it also comes with a horizontal kickstand for video watching. The cutouts are accurate and there are button and port covers to keep dust and dirt out. This case works with both the iPad Mini 5 and iPad Mini 4 and is a great low-cost option.

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