The Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note10 get a slew of S20 software features (Updated)

The Galaxy S20 phones may be Samsung’s new flagships, but since the company continues selling the S10 line alongside it, it keeps doing a stellar job at providing software updates: The Korean manufacturer is beginning to roll out a big update to last year’s series, giving it a ton of One UI 2.1 features from the Galaxy S20, most notably in the photography department. The Note10 is benefitting from the same treatment.

Other than new One UI 2.1 capabilities, the update elevates the security patch level to the one from April, beating even Google’s Pixel line to it. It measures roughly 1.5GB on the S10+, though the size may vary by device and location. There are also the usual generic bug fixes and stability improvements on board.

The S10 and Note10 series’ cameras see some significant enhancements. For one, they support Single Take, which lets you capture several shots and videos at once, with an AI recommending you the best out of all of them. Both lines also get Night Mode improvements, including the addition of a night hyperlapse function. And once you’ve taken a picture, you can now edit it with custom colors and styles based on other images as part of the new Custom Filter feature.

On the videography front, a new Pro Video mode gives you manual options to get exactly the image you want, like ISO, shutter speed, and exposure level. The most impressive addition is a 4K 60fps mode for the selfie cameras, though — your move, Google.

The gallery is now capable of intelligently grouping your images with the tap of a new square button in the top bar, dubbed Clean View. When you view a photo full-screen and zoom in on it, a new auto crop icon in the top left corner allows you to quickly save the zoom level as a new picture.

After the update, you’ll also find a new Quick Share tile in your quick settings. It allows you to send photos, videos, and other files to nearby contacts without relying on third-party software. There’s also Music Share, which lets you extend your Bluetooth connection to a friend, so you don’t need to disconnect from your own car stereo or speaker when they want to play their music.

Be warned that the new software release will delete all previously saved AR emoji, since an update to the feature will make older emoji incompatible.

Changelog Build Number: G975FXXU4CTC9

AR Emoji

  • AR Emoji has been updated with improvements like a manual editing feature and enhanced facial expression recognition.
  • ※ As AR Emoji has been updated to a new version, all previously saved AR emojis will be deleted when you next open the AR Emoji app.

New Camera features

  • Various menus, modes, and filters have been added, such as AR Zone, Single take, Pro video, My filters, Selfie tone, timelapse for night time, and a mode for recording videos with the front camera in FHD/UHD at 60 fps.


  • Similar images are now grouped together for a more organised viewing experience.
  • A feature has been added that allows you to merge multiple different groups of albums into one group, or merge different groups and albums into one group.
  • An improved search feature has been added to find pictures based on information such As the time or place pictures were taken.
  • The Quick crop function has been added to enlarge and crop parts of high resolution images.

Samsung keyboard

  • A multilingual translation feature has been added.
  • A feature has been added for searching for Various items, such As emojis and stickers, at one time.
  • A text undo/redo feature has been added. (Swipe two fingers left or right on the keyboard.)
  • An icon to open Samsung Pass has been added.

Quick Share

  • Files can now be quickly and easily shared with nearby Samsung devices using Quick Share.

Music Share

  • Music Share now lets you share music with your friends using a Bluetooth audio device.

Samsung says update will be released “in select markets in the coming weeks, including the United States.” So far, the OTA is only rolling out in a few locations, among them the Netherlands and Germany, but it probably won’t take too long until it reaches other regions. Check your phone’s settings to see if you already you already have access to the update.

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