How to stay motivated when you work from home

I think it is fair to say that most humans are stressed out at the moment. In most countries, life has changed almost overnight and no matter how strong you think you are, managing transformation is challenging at the best of times.

I’ve attempted to identify a few solutions that may help you push through that growing sense of fatigue to get things done.

Take work home

It seems that under 50% of pupils in some U.S. schools are taking part in online learning sessions. This means they aren’t logging in they aren’t completing assignments and they aren’t learning. This is particularly the case among low-income students for whom access to tech may be difficult.

The situation may reflect the digital divide but may also reflect demoralization across many families who have seen income wiped out, for whom keeping food on the table and paying rent may have become bigger challenges than ensuring school homework is done on time.

I raise this to illustrate that when you and your employees are worrying about too many problems at once it becomes much harder to focus.

Sleep patterns also suffer.

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