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Premier League chief defends clubs’ ‘restraint’ in their furloughing of staff | Football

The chief executive of the Premier League, Richard Masters, has defended the furloughing of staff, claiming clubs have been acting with “restraint” as he warned of a “very real threat” of some top-flight sides going bust because of the coronavirus crisis. In a striking letter to the select committee of …

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The Fiver | They would do anything (furlough) but they won’t do that | Football


KEEPING 220 YARDS APART There was celebration today after Liverpool decided to furlough the idea of furloughing their employees, giving in to an outcry from fans, former players and over-opinionated media types with too many column inches to fill now there’s no sport on. There has been no word yet …

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Dogs, doughnuts and the day Palace pipped Liverpool to the FA Cup final | Football

Crystal Palace defender Richard Shaw snuffs out a threatening run by Peter Beardsley.

The result was never in doubt in the half-time entertainment at Villa Park on 8 April 1990. The police dog representing Liverpool sailed over the ever-increasing barriers with speed and serenity, while the Palace pooch stumbled and failed to keep up. A sympathetic, bordering on patronising, round of applause rippled …

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The prime of Richie Richardson: one man and his West Indies sun hat | Andy Bull | Sport

Richie Richardson started wearing a helmet while batting in 1995.

There’s solace in the old clips, especially of cricket. It’s not that they’re all that comforting, as such – not if you followed England anyway – more they carry you back to a time when your biggest worries were wondering when Mike Atherton’s back would give in, why the selectors …

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La Liga prepares for return to training and sets target dates for season restart | Football

Spain is preparing a protocol for clubs’ return to training with three proposed dates for La Liga to restart: 28 May, 6 June and 28 June. Matches are expected to be played behind closed doors and European games would take place in parallel or at the end of the domestic …

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Football quiz: which managers delivered these angry rants?

Can you recall which fuming bosses uttered these quotes? More quizzes: assists, commentators, managers and keepers “I’ve never commented on referees and I’m not going to change the habit of a lifetime for that prat.” Neil Warnock Ian Holloway Sam Allardyce Ron Atkinson “I’m not a wheeler-dealer, I’m a fucking …

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Closing the UK’s parks and public spaces really could be a tipping point | Barney Ronay | Sport

You can take our pubs and our shopping centres. You can wall us up behind the front door with Netflix and newsagent wine. But don’t take away our glimpse of the sky, that proscribed 30 minutes of brain-soothing, body-stretching exercise. Judging by the experiences of Spain, Italy and France, this …

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The Spin | Walter Gilbert, the shamed thief who shone in Canadian exile | Sport

Walter Gilbert (sixth left) is included in a lithographic portrait entitled “Famous English Cricketers, 1880”. Also pictured are James Lillywhite (left) and WG Grace (ninth left).

In October 1908 a most curious court case took place in Canada, in which someone called either Charles or Chris Mitchell, depending on which report you believe, found himself on trial for theft. “Mr Sparling, crown prosecutor, said that Mitchell is a sneak thief who not only stole $13 from …

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My favourite game: Nick Faldo v Greg Norman, 1996 Masters | Ewan Murray | Sport

Greg Norman drops to the ground

The Masters doesn’t start until the back nine on Sunday. As a 14-year-old, getting to the back nine on Sunday was an achievement in itself. BBC television coverage meant Augusta National was far more accessible in the 90s but parental rules provided the nasty counterargument when it came to a …

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Kelly Loeffler: the WNBA owner against everything the league stands for | Sport

Republican senator Kelly Loeffler’s financial disclosures show that millions of dollars in stocks were sold on her behalf right after Congress received briefings about the forthcoming coronavirus crisis. The transactions in question occurred on three separate occasions, and involved selling International Exchange stocks, as well as for retail companies that …

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