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Which teams have played in front of fake fans or pumped-in atmosphere? | The Knowledge | Football

Arsenal mural

“With the increase in games with no spectators because of the coronavirus outbreak, have there been instances in the past of teams using loudspeakers, cardboard cutouts of fans, or similar effects to try and replicate the atmosphere of a full stadium?” wonders Christopher Sato. “Sadly, my lot (Boro) tried this …

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Magnetic Fields Around NASA’s Mars Lander Are 10 Times Stronger Than Scientists Expected

Magnetic Fields Around NASA's Mars Lander Are 10 Times Stronger Than Scientists Expected

When NASA’s Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport (Insight) lander set down on Mars in November of 2018, it began its two-year primary mission of studying Mars’ seismology and interior environment.   And now, just over a year and a half later, the results of the lander’s …

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This Exoplanet Could Actually Be Habitable After All, And It’s Not Even That Far

This Exoplanet Could Actually Be Habitable After All, And It's Not Even That Far

A planet just 124 light-years from Earth could be teeming with life even as you read these words. Astronomers have conducted in-depth analyses of the properties of an exoplanet mid-weight between Earth and Neptune, and found that it could be hospitable after all. The discovery broadens the range of planets astronomers …

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Murrayfield atmosphere reflected rising noise, bile and spite in rugby union | Robert Kitson | Sport

Eddie Jones and his side were jeered off the team bus after arriving at Murrayfield, after the England coach’s pre-match dismissal of Scotland’s team as ‘niggly’.

Few sports tread the fine line between love and hate as precariously as rugby union. It is part of its attraction: beauty and the beast occupy the same arena, passion and restraint are essential requirements. What has traditionally bound everything together is the realisation that, ultimately, it is a game …

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