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The prime of Richie Richardson: one man and his West Indies sun hat | Andy Bull | Sport

Richie Richardson started wearing a helmet while batting in 1995.

There’s solace in the old clips, especially of cricket. It’s not that they’re all that comforting, as such – not if you followed England anyway – more they carry you back to a time when your biggest worries were wondering when Mike Atherton’s back would give in, why the selectors …

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NRL Island: recipe for ruin or world-leading game-changer? | Larissa O’Connor | Sport

This week we will find out just how desperate the NRL is to get the competition back up and running, when the league’s brains trust reconvene on Thursday to consider an idea so seemingly outrageous it might just work. The NRL’s so-called Apollo mission is gaining momentum and has been …

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A return to suburban grounds would offer a chance to reawaken the AFL’s soul | Adam Collins | Sport

The opening game of the AFLW at Princes Park

“The whole of consumerism is based on us wanting the next thing rather than the present thing we already have,” Matt Haig laments in the book, Notes on a Nervous Planet. “This is an almost perfect recipe for unhappiness. We aren’t encouraged to live in the present, we’re trained to …

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My favourite game: Australia v Israel, World Cup qualifier 1989 | Richard Parkin | Sport

Australia v Israel

Growing up in country Australia, football was never likely to be my passion. Ricky Walford. Brandy Alexander. Chicka Ferguson. An unshakeable loathing for the maroon of Queensland. These were my heroes, my abiding memories from childhood. Mum took one look at me: giraffe-neck, scrawny as a pencil, all elbows and …

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NRL and players open to island proposal to get season restarted | Sport

The NRL players’ union have revealed they are willing to consider all the game’s stars living in a bubble together to ensure the 2020 season can restart. The NRL have now shifted their attention to getting back on the field, after a pay deal was brokered between them and the …

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Fears for animal welfare as first Australian state bans horse and dog racing amid coronavirus crisis | Sport

Tasmania has banned horse and greyhound racing “effective immediately” in the latest wave of shutdowns intended to stop the spread of the coronavirus, while the racing industry in other states is quietly trying to make arrangements to house thousands of furloughed racehorses should the ban become national. Tasmanian premier Peter …

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NRL Island: Queensland resort manager reveals plan to rescue coronavirus-hit season | Sport

It may sound like a desperate pitch for a bad reality TV show, but the NRL season may yet be saved after an audacious plan was outlined to house all 16 teams at a luxury island resort near Brisbane, with a view to playing the entire competition in Queensland. David …

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Clubs run on the smell of an oily rag face tough times as coronavirus hits community sport | Scott Heinrich | Sport

Sausage sizzles can be a big revenue raiser for community sports clubs.

Read the daily sport headlines – or at least those that exist in this time of competitive dormancy – and one could be excused for thinking the only athletes affected by the coronavirus-induced halt to activity are professionals. What of those, though, who play sport not for a living but …

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Australia’s future rugby landscape to be shaped by pay cut talks | Bret Harris | Sport

The good news from Rugby Australia’s annual general meeting on Monday was that the game is still solvent. But after the game’s governing body posted an operating deficit of $9.4m, there are doubts over how much longer that will be the case. The loss might have been expected after a …

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My favourite game: North Adelaide v Glenelg, 1987 SANFL grand final | Scott Heinrich | Sport

There are few years as significant in the timeline of Australian football as 1987. It was the year the VFL welcomed teams from Western Australia and Queensland, signposting the first iteration of the AFL and the end to a state model that had pervaded for more than a century. It …

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