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Holi 2020: Give Your Gujiyas A Baked Twist With These Quick And Easy Recipes


Gujiyas are quintessential sweetmeats prepared duing the festival of Holi. Highlights Holi is just around the corner and it’s time to feast on delicious dishes Gujiya is synonymous to the festival and is made across Indian homes Deviate from the deep-fried treat and prepare baked gujiyas at home With Holi …

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High-Protein Diet: Indulge In These 4 Delicious Baked Recipes Without Any Guilt


Baked chicken recipes that can easily fit in a high-protein meal. Highlights A high-protein diet is an essential one for our body Animal sources such as chicken are known to be good source of protein Here are some of the best baked recipes for a high-protein diet It’s no secret …

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