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William Barr’s actions spark unease among US prosecutors

What exactly is going on with Trump, Stone and the DOJ?

And beyond New York, the Stone situation has reverberated across the country in the past few days, with prosecutors incensed over the apparent intervention by Attorney General William Barr to lighten the sentencing recommendation for Trump’s ally, along with fear of what some perceive as a growing political directive coming …

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Trump tweets he has right to interfere in DOJ cases after Barr’s critique

Trump tweets he has right to interfere in DOJ cases after Barr's critique

Attorney General William Barr listens as President Donald J. Trump delivers remarks and signs the Operation Lady Justice Executive Order to address the issue of missing and murdered Native Americans in the Oval Office at the White House on Tuesday, Nov 26, 2019 in Washington, DC. Jabin Botsford | The …

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William Barr’s stunning Trump rebuke sparks debate over his true motives

Unprecedented walkout highlights DOJ friction with Barr

Barr’s blunt warning that Trump’s constant Twitter commentary makes it impossible to do his job broke like a thunderclap Thursday afternoon. It set off a deluge of speculation about his motives and potential reprisals from a President who brooks no disloyalty. On the face of it, Barr’s comments in an …

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