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Ever Heard of Bombay Ice Halwa? This Paper-Thin Dessert Melts In Mouth In The First Bite


Bombay ice halwa is perfect is you want a cooling dessert. Highlights Bombay ice halwa is a cooling traditional mithai. It is paper-thin and super soft to chew. You can make ice halwa at home with this recipe. As we transition from the murky winters to balmy summers, our taste …

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Gujarati Food 101: Bite Into All Things Gujarat At Ba Ni Rasoi In Garvi Gujarat Bhawan


Gujarati food comprises a lot more than just the taste of sweetness. The moment one thinks about Gujarati Food, the first food item that pops up into the mind is the ultimate Gujarati favourite ‘Dhokla’. But did you know, what we perceive as the Dhokhla is actually known as ‘Khaman’ …

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