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Australia’s future rugby landscape to be shaped by pay cut talks | Bret Harris | Sport

The good news from Rugby Australia’s annual general meeting on Monday was that the game is still solvent. But after the game’s governing body posted an operating deficit of $9.4m, there are doubts over how much longer that will be the case. The loss might have been expected after a …

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Australian rugby heads for world of pain as financial impact of coronavirus is felt | Bret Harris | Sport

Australian rugby was already sickly before the coronavirus swept the world, but after Sanzaar suspended the Super Rugby competition for the “foreseeable future”, the game in Australia will be on life support if the pandemic does not end soon. Australian rugby has been placed on the brink of bankruptcy. Unlike …

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South African teams eclipse Australia’s Super Rugby efforts | Bret Harris | Sport

There have been reports South Africa will leave Sanzaar after the 2023 World Cup to play in an expanded Six Nations tournament – but perhaps the Springboks can have the best of both worlds. The country is committed to Sanzaar until 2025, but that arrangement does not necessarily need to …

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