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The prime of Richie Richardson: one man and his West Indies sun hat | Andy Bull | Sport

Richie Richardson started wearing a helmet while batting in 1995.

There’s solace in the old clips, especially of cricket. It’s not that they’re all that comforting, as such – not if you followed England anyway – more they carry you back to a time when your biggest worries were wondering when Mike Atherton’s back would give in, why the selectors …

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From marble racing to balcony marathons: the sports that are filling the void | Andy Bull | Sport

If you know one thing about CB Fry, it’s that he was a man of many talents. He made a Test century against Australia, tied the world long-jump record, took a five-wicket haul at Lord’s, won a cap for England at right-back, started an FA Cup final for Southampton and …

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Coe and Ovett’s Olympic debt to bureaucrat who defied Thatcher | Andy Bull | Sport

Former British Olympic Association chairman Sir Denis Follows (centre) insisted sporting boycotts ‘never do anyone any good’, much to the chagrin of Margaret Thatcher.

Sir Denis Follows, 71, short and bald, started every day’s work by opening his post. It was a habit he’d had as secretary of the Football Association, and a habit he kept as chairman of the British Olympic Association. In between the two jobs, he’d been knighted. Which was some …

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My favourite game: Usain Bolt wins Olympic 200m gold at Beijing 2008 | Andy Bull | Sport

A big-screen replay shows Bolt’s world record time of 19.30sec at the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008.

No one was ever going to beat Michael Johnson’s record. Not in my young lifetime anyway, maybe some distant day when I was old and grey, and the game had changed out of all recognition. Remember watching him set it at the Atlanta Olympics in ’96? That idiosyncratic style of …

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Comebacks can be risky but Lara and Tendulkar show class does endure | Andy Bull | Sport

Wally Hammond’s return to cricket, at the age of 48, saw him ‘a great giant who had bestridden everything, struggling like a starter’.

Between the Women’s T20 World Cup, and England’s warm-ups for their tour of Sri Lanka you may have missed the Road Safety World Series 2020. I did. Turns out it’s running in Mumbai for the next fortnight, 10 games between five teams, one each from India, Sri Lanka, Australia, South …

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Mercedes still look supreme after testing but Red Bull are ready to fight | Giles Richards | Sport

The Red Bull pit team go to work on Alexander Albon’s RB16 during a testing session in Barcelona.

Mercedes set the standard Mercedes’s iron grip on the front of the grid shows no sign of weakening after six all-conquering years. Their car was impressively quick in both short and long runs, and especially strong through the slower corners of the last sector, a strength of last year. They …

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I’m coming at Deontay Wilder like a raging bull, says reformed Tyson Fury | Sport

Tyson Fury on the canvas during his first, drawn encounter with Deontay Wilder in Los Angeles in 2018.

As Deontay Wilder must have imagined at various moments in their first world heavyweight title fight – memorable but inconclusive – there is more than one Tyson Fury. The most familiar is the boxing beast, who lay flat on his back in a Los Angeles ring 14 months ago, eyes …

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Six Nations must look after its casual crowd who might not pay to watch it | Andy Bull | Sport

In August 1990 a retired French nuclear physicist called André Gardes armed himself with a semi‑automatic and launched a one-man invasion of Sark. When he arrived on the island he put up a pair of posters warning the residents that he was going to take over at noon the next …

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Anger is the energy fuelling Ellis Genge’s rise in the England ranks | Andy Bull | Sport

“No comment, mate,” says Eddie Jones. “No comment.” The press conference has just begun and all the journalist wants to know is how Jones feels about the criticism his England team got after they lost in France last week. “No comment‚“ says Jones again. “Fun this, isn’t it? Think we …

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