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Closing the UK’s parks and public spaces really could be a tipping point | Barney Ronay | Sport

You can take our pubs and our shopping centres. You can wall us up behind the front door with Netflix and newsagent wine. But don’t take away our glimpse of the sky, that proscribed 30 minutes of brain-soothing, body-stretching exercise. Judging by the experiences of Spain, Italy and France, this …

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A return to suburban grounds would offer a chance to reawaken the AFL’s soul | Adam Collins | Sport

The opening game of the AFLW at Princes Park

“The whole of consumerism is based on us wanting the next thing rather than the present thing we already have,” Matt Haig laments in the book, Notes on a Nervous Planet. “This is an almost perfect recipe for unhappiness. We aren’t encouraged to live in the present, we’re trained to …

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It’s only a matter of time before Raheem Sterling gets it in the neck for coronavirus | Marina Hyde | Opinion

One of the great rules of British public life is that sooner or later, everything ends up being blamed on footballers. No matter how alien our new world looked at the start of the coronavirus shutdown, you could say one thing for sure: eventually, this will be the fault of …

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‘I’m hooping my way through the lockdown’: how readers are keeping fit | Sport


‘Hula hooping is perfect for cardio and strength’ I am a professional hula hooper so I’m hooping my way through the lockdown. It’s perfect for cardio and strength, as well as being a bit silly so you can forget about what’s happening with the world. I also have a young …

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Premier League clubs may be forced to sell players if wages not cut | Football

The Premier League’s position at the top of world football could be in danger if a solution to reducing player wages during the coronavirus crisis is not found, an analyst has warned. A week of talks between football bodies and the players’ union, the PFA, has led to little movement …

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NRL and players open to island proposal to get season restarted | Sport

The NRL players’ union have revealed they are willing to consider all the game’s stars living in a bubble together to ensure the 2020 season can restart. The NRL have now shifted their attention to getting back on the field, after a pay deal was brokered between them and the …

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New England Patriots deploy team plane to fly N95 masks in from China | Sport

Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker found himself in need of an assist to help the state fight the coronavirus pandemic. He called on the New England Patriots. The team’s private plane was on schedule to return to Boston from China on Thursday evening carrying more than one million masks critical to …

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Cheltenham faces criticism after racegoers suffer Covid-19 symptoms | Sport

The Jockey Club, the owner of the Cheltenham Festival, has defended its decision to proceed with last month’s four-day event after Andrew Parker Bowles, the former husband of the Duchess of Cornwall, became the latest high-profile attendee to report subsequent symptoms consistent with infection by Covid-19. The festival opened on …

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Elite sports have plenty to offer in the war against coronavirus | Emma John | Sport

Manchester City are one of the teams making their facilities available to frontline NHS workers in the fight against coronavirus.

In the last months of the first world war, a ship arrived at Manchester from the US, its passengers deathly ill. They were mostly southerners, infected with a powerful influenza that had overtaken them on their transatlantic journey and quickly turned into pneumonia. The matron of a nearby Red Cross …

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‘This is a calling’: A nurse’s journey from UFC fighter to Covid-19 frontline | Sport

Phillipe Nover at work as a nurse

Among the steady stream of stretchers nurse practitioner Phillipe Nover saw pass through his New York City area hospital last weekend, the former UFC fighter was shocked to see a familiar face. It was another nurse around his age, a man Nover knew was as fit and healthy as himself, …

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