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Far from the gladdening crowd: live sport is our collective therapy | Sport

Pakistan fans celebrate during the World Cup match against England at Trent Bridge last summer.

“The future belongs to crowds,” Don DeLillo wrote in Mao II, a quote that makes DeLillo sound po-faced and serious, when he also wrote things like “Bloomberg weighed three hundred pounds … I revered his weight. It was an affirmation of humanity’s reckless potential”, and “you people are a bunch …

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Huge MCG crowd turns up for World T20 final but anger at ‘disgusting’ TV decision | Sport

Attendance records tumbled at the Women’s Twenty20 World Cup final, with 86,174 fans turning up to watch Australia beat India and win their fifth title at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, but the decision by Channel Nine to broadcast such a momentous match on its secondary channel prompted criticism in some …

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Talking Horses: Tiger Roll owner mulls Grand National with no crowd | Sport

With the Cheltenham Festival just four days off and seeming likely to go ahead despite the spreading coronavirus, the thoughts of racing insiders are turning towards the Grand National, which appears to be in a more precarious position. The Aintree race on 4 April, four weeks on Saturday, is odds-on …

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Wales have to match England physically and silence crowd, says Moriarty | Sport

Wales have been trying to open up this season after 12 years of Warrenball but they will be getting physical against England as they seek a first Six Nations victory at Twickenham since 2012 on Saturday. Ireland were overwhelmed 24-12 by England in the last round two weeks after securing …

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Germany: Car plows ‘intentionally’ into Volkmarsen carnival crowd

People react at the scene after a car ploughed into a carnival parade in Volkmarsen, Germany.

Police said that the suspect, a German citizen from Volkmarsen, was receiving medical treatment for “the injuries he suffered in connection with the incident” and would be brought before an investigating judge when his health allows. A police spokesman said earlier that according to eyewitness accounts, the car “intentionally” rammed …

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Trump loves a big crowd. He’ll get one of his biggest in India.

Trump India

There, he’s expecting an enthusiastic reception as he appears alongside the Indian prime minister, Narendra Modi, who shares Trump’s nationalist streak. “I’ve always said the president is the greatest showman of our time, which in politics is a good thing,” said Ohio state Rep. Niraj Antani, one of the few …

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42-year-old pulled out of crowd to make NHL debut … and wins game | Sport

42-year-old pulled out of crowd to make NHL debut ... and wins game | Sport

David Ayres was sitting in the stands with his wife at Scotiabank Arena when Carolina Hurricanes goalie James Reimer went down with an injury. Ayers, the on-call emergency netminder in Toronto, left his seat and got half dressed into his gear on the off-chance something might happen to Carolina’s second …

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Six Nations must look after its casual crowd who might not pay to watch it | Andy Bull | Sport

In August 1990 a retired French nuclear physicist called André Gardes armed himself with a semi‑automatic and launched a one-man invasion of Sark. When he arrived on the island he put up a pair of posters warning the residents that he was going to take over at noon the next …

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