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Premier League players and pay cuts: the key questions answered | Football

Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford has fronted a campaign to help children unable to access free school meals.

Why are footballers’ wages in the news? Even in normal times the amount of money earned by top players is a hot topic. The average wage of a Premier League footballer reached £3m last season according to the Global Sports Salary Survey. This compares with the an average national wage …

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Pay cuts, furlough or deferrals: what are the Premier League clubs doing? | Football

Crystal Palace have said matchday staff will ‘not be financially disavantaged’.

Arsenal Arsenal continue to monitor the situation regarding player and staff wages and are playing an active role in the Premier League’s discussions. But there has been no decision taken and the focus has been on ensuring casual employees are looked after. All will be paid as normal until 30 …

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The Fiver | The Premier League, pay cuts and the plight of wild mushrooms | Football

Angus MacDonald is ready for action when football un-stops.

HOT SHIITAKE There was consternation among Premier League clubs on Wednesday after they were accused by a major public figure of completely running out of wild mushrooms. Furious MP Julian Knight, chief suit of the House of Commons digital, culture, media and sport committee, lambasted the nation’s top 20 teams …

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Coronavirus Impact On Economy Update RBI Loan Moratorium Measures Job Loss Pay Cuts

Economy Likely Grew At 4.7% In December Quarter: Poll

Several banks have initiated steps to effect the RBI-suggested moratorium on loans Seeking to ease hardships faced by people during the ongoing lockdown, several banks on Tuesday initiated steps to effect the RBI-suggested moratorium on loans taken by their customers and e-retailers began deliveries, but job losses and pay cuts …

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Daniel Levy calls on Premier League managers and players to take pay cuts | Football

Daniel Levy, pictured in January, said: ‘The club’s operations have effectively ceased.’

Daniel Levy has called on Premier League managers and players to help English football deal with the financial problems caused by the coronavirus crisis by accepting lower pay after revealing that Tottenham Hotspur have reduced the wages of their 550 non-football staff by 20%, in some cases by placing them …

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RBI Cuts Rates As Distress Mounts Across South Asia Over Coronavirus

Economic Remedies For The Coronavirus Across The Globe

The RBI lowered the benchmark repo rate by 75 basis points to 4.40% New Delhi/Mumbai: The Reserve Bank of India slashed interest rates on Friday in an emergency move to counter the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic after the government locked down the country to slow the spread of …

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No easy solutions: clubs across Europe in the dark as players battle wage cuts | Football

Dortmund are among the top German clubs whose players have all taken temporary cuts of varying degrees to help lower-paid employees

As clubs across Europe move to reduce or defer their footballers’ salaries, one thing is crystal clear. There will be no comfortable, one size fits all solution to an issue that faces almost everyone: the need to save money during the coronavirus crisis in an industry that, taking the continent …

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Global Oil Refiners To Deepen Output Cuts As Coronavirus Destroys Demand

Brent Crude Slumps To 4-Year Low As Coronavirus, Price War Spook Oil Markets

Oil refiners from Texas to Thailand are bracing for deeper output cuts, bruised by an unprecedented demand shock as more countries lock down and restrict travel to contain the spread of the coronavirus. In Asia, home to over a third of the global refining capacity, India’s top refiner has slashed …

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NRL player pay cuts loom after staff and coaches stood down | Sport

NRL players are expected to find out by the end of the week how much the coronavirus crisis will affect their pay packets. League officials on Wednesday began discussions with the players’ union to determine the impact the season’s enforced suspension on player salaries. The talks come as hundreds more …

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