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Immunity Boosting: This Delicious Neem Chutney Can Be Your Go-To Accompaniment For Every Meal


Highlights Neem is a powerhouse of health benefits It is often disliked due to its bitter flavour Here is a delicious way to add neem leaves to your daily diet The growing Coronavirus scare has impacted the lifestyles of people globally. People are suddenly moving towards healthier food options, home-cooked …

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Shilpa Shettys Durga Ashtami Prasad Was This Delicious Makhana And Gur Ki Barfi (Recipe Inside)

Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa Shetty’s Durga Ashtami prasada looked tempting and delicious. Highlights Shilpa Shetty’s Durga Ashtami celebrations were a delicious fare She made a Gur Makhana Barfi for her ‘Bhog Prasada’ by herself The recipe of the barfi was also shared by her on Instagram Chaitra Navratra 2020 had commenced on 25th …

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Shilpa Shettys Homemade Khow Suey Looks Delicious, Fulfilling And Comforting


Highlights Shilpa Shetty is known or her foodie side She recently cooked a Burmese delicacy, khow suey at home The dish looked spectacular and is so simple you can try at home too The coronavirus outbreak has led to a lockdown across many states in India and has left people …

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Sidharth Malhotras High-Protein Vegetarian Bowl Is A Balance of Wholesome And Delicious


Highlights Sidharth Malhora is one of the fittest actors in Bollywood He is known to follow a strict diet and fitness regime He recently took to Instagram to share his vegetarian, high-protein meal No matter how much one fancies an extravagant meal, a simple yet wholesome high-protein bowl can never …

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Consuming Avocado Daily May Keep Obesity-Related Issue At Bay: Try These Delicious Avocado Recipes


Highlights Avocados have high-fat content Avocados are power-packed with antioxidants Eating avocados can have measurable impacts on cognitive performance Gone are those days when the ‘fatty fruit’ avocado only promoted weight loss. A new study has stated that it also helps in improving cognitive functions in obese adults. Much has …

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Space-grown lettuce is safe to eat, says study. Delicious, say astronauts

Red romaine lettuce was one of the first plants grown on the space station.

“Awesome! Tastes good! I like that! It’s fresh!” they said, between bites of the “Outredgeous” red romaine lettuce. It was the first time astronauts were able to enjoy the fruits of their labor after growing produce from seeds and harvesting it. Ice cream was possible in space before fresh vegetables …

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High-Protein Diet: Indulge In These 4 Delicious Baked Recipes Without Any Guilt


Baked chicken recipes that can easily fit in a high-protein meal. Highlights A high-protein diet is an essential one for our body Animal sources such as chicken are known to be good source of protein Here are some of the best baked recipes for a high-protein diet It’s no secret …

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Shilpa Shetty Makes Jowar Roti – 6 Other Delicious Jowar Recipes You Can Try

Shilpa Shetty Makes Jowar Roti - 6 Other Delicious Jowar Recipes You Can Try

Shilpa Shetty shared a healthy yet flavourful recipe for Jowar Roti. Highlights Shilpa Shetty shared a delicious new recipe for Jowar Roti on Instagram The actress also revealed the many health benefits of eating Jowar Jowar can be used in many recipes such as cakes, rotis, and tacos too Shilpa …

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Indian Cooking Tips: Use Your Left-Over Chapatti To Make Delicious Veg Frankie (Watch Recipe Video)

Indian Cooking Tips: Use Your Left-Over Chapatti To Make Delicious Veg Frankie (Watch Recipe Video)

Highlights Use left-over rotis to make this veg frankie Frankie is a popular street-food of Mumbai There is a basic difference between Frankie and Kathi Roll One constant thing we have been listening to since childhood is – ‘do not waste food’. In the era of ‘zero-waste cooking’, food wastage …

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High Protein Diet: How To Use Superfoods To Make Delicious Chaat – 3 Ways

High Protein Diet: How To Use Superfoods To Make Delicious Chaat - 3 Ways

What are superfoods? Are they readily available around us, or are they hiding somewhere in mountains or in dark forests? When it comes to superfoods, there are questions galore. And, the curiosity has led many nutritionists and dieticians around the world to take charge and demystify the phenomenon of superfoods. …

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