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Premier League chief defends clubs’ ‘restraint’ in their furloughing of staff | Football

The chief executive of the Premier League, Richard Masters, has defended the furloughing of staff, claiming clubs have been acting with “restraint” as he warned of a “very real threat” of some top-flight sides going bust because of the coronavirus crisis. In a striking letter to the select committee of …

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Premier League clubs have failed the smell test in furloughing their staff | Paul MacInnes | Football

Tottenham may have to make reimbursements to their sponsors, such as the AIA Group.

Under the shadow of coronavirus new rules are being made and unmade. Things that were unknown and alien a week ago are increasingly part of daily life. But some things do not need explaining. They feel instinctively right, or plain wrong and Premier League clubs furloughing their staff is one. …

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