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Premier League chief defends clubs’ ‘restraint’ in their furloughing of staff | Football

The chief executive of the Premier League, Richard Masters, has defended the furloughing of staff, claiming clubs have been acting with “restraint” as he warned of a “very real threat” of some top-flight sides going bust because of the coronavirus crisis. In a striking letter to the select committee of …

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Football quiz: which managers delivered these angry rants?

Can you recall which fuming bosses uttered these quotes? More quizzes: assists, commentators, managers and keepers “I’ve never commented on referees and I’m not going to change the habit of a lifetime for that prat.” Neil Warnock Ian Holloway Sam Allardyce Ron Atkinson “I’m not a wheeler-dealer, I’m a fucking …

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English football’s blame culture makes it unable to come together | Jonathan Liew | Football

Mike Ashley is one of many billionaire owners attracting criticism.

I don’t expect to make too many friends saying this, but perhaps it’s time we all gave Matt Hancock a break. Isn’t it typical how, as soon as things take a turn for the worse, everyone starts singling out the health secretary? Yes, clearly he could be doing more to …

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Streaming service DAZN asks Premier League to defer rights payments | Football

An online streaming service has written to the Premier League to defer payments due to the suspension of competition due to the coronavirus outbreak. It is understood that DAZN, which holds rights to stream all English top-flight matches in Brazil, Canada, Japan and Spain, is in negotiations to halt payments …

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Premier League players and pay cuts: the key questions answered | Football

Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford has fronted a campaign to help children unable to access free school meals.

Why are footballers’ wages in the news? Even in normal times the amount of money earned by top players is a hot topic. The average wage of a Premier League footballer reached £3m last season according to the Global Sports Salary Survey. This compares with the an average national wage …

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Premier League clubs to go it alone in pay cut talks with players | Football

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson has established a fund for professional footballers to donate directly to NHS staff.

Premier League clubs anticipate having to start individual negotiations over wage reductions with their players after attempts to reach a collective pay agreement in response to the coronavirus crisis were frustrated during talks on Saturday. While players have been told clubs may lose £1.137bn because of the disruption caused by …

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Own-goals all round as overpaid footballers get their usual kicking | Paul Wilson | Football

A political football is normally the cliche of choice when something that has nothing to do with football is booted back and forth between agencies attempting to deflect blame. These are far from normal times, however, and in the past week football became political even though its practitioners are now …

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Premier League players tarnished by taking too long to act on pay | Dean Ashton | Football

Dean Ashton in action for West Ham against Manchester City in 2008.

Footballers have always been an easy target. They are in the public eye and the amount of money they earn is regularly splashed over the newspapers, so it surprises me that swifter action hasn’t been taken to resolve the issue over whether Premier League players should accept pay cuts or …

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Jamie Vardy’s shot at golden boot is one of season’s great unfinished subplots | Barney Ronay | Football

Jamie Vardy

There have been a lot of lists doing the rounds this week of the best foods to boost your immune system. These seem to be mainly things such as oily fish, yoghurt, spinach, elderberries, ginger and raw shaved garlic, although having followed these ingredients to the letter I can confirm …

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It’s only a matter of time before Raheem Sterling gets it in the neck for coronavirus | Marina Hyde | Opinion

One of the great rules of British public life is that sooner or later, everything ends up being blamed on footballers. No matter how alien our new world looked at the start of the coronavirus shutdown, you could say one thing for sure: eventually, this will be the fault of …

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